Frequently Asked Questions

Leave that up to Tough Seats.  We spend all day everyday dealing with seats and seat parts.  Our return rate is less than 1%. 

Most of our seats are made in the USA.  It will depend on the brand and seat.  Generally, most KAB, Grammer, Sears, & Tough seats are made in the US. 

If it’s a seat we sold, we service it.  Otherwise, we are a stocking parts dealer for many Grammer or KAB brand seats.   If we did not sell the seat, best way to identify the seat is to take a zoomed out picture of the seat and suspension and send it to us.   

Most seats are 1 year parts. Some of the generic seats are 6 months.

Almost all orders ship within one business day. We will let you know at the time of ordering if the item is not in stock.

All orders ship from our warehouse in southern WI.  We stock what we sell.    

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