KAB 554FC 24V Deluxe

KAB 554FC 24V Deluxe

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KAB 554:  Popular seat, OEM on numerous excavators, loaders, and off-highway trucks, smooth 24v air suspension, all front controls for use on a variety of machine.  (multi function bottom cushion adjustment).



  • 2" Retractable Seatbelt - TN Heavy Equipment Parts
  • KAB 24V Seat Heater Kit - TN Heavy Equipment Parts
  • KAB OPS - TN Heavy Equipment Parts
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KAB 554:  Very common seat, OEM on numerous excavators, deluxe version comes with arms & headrest as shown.

  • 24v air suspension
  • 3″ height adjustment
  • Front control recline
  • Front Control tilt (multi function bottom cushion adjustment)
  • High back
  • Dual comfort arms
  • Headrest
  • Cloth or black vinyl
  • Double locking slides below the suspension
  • Supports Operators up to 350lbs
Weight 100 lbs

Cloth, Vinyl

Technical Drawing

KAB 554 deluxe dims


Case Machines: 9007B, 9050B, 9060B, CX240LR, CX290, CX330,CX350, CX460, CX800, CX130B, CX130C, CX145C, CX160C, CX210B, CX210C, CX235C, CX240B, CX250C, CX290B, CX300C, CX350B, CX350C, CX470B, CX470C, CX700B, CX800B.

Replaces Cat Part Numbers: 100-7677, 4I-7052, 6I-5381, 9U4365
Cat Machines: 311L, 312L, 315L, 320L, 322L, 330L, 350L, 375L (These are for “L” models only no joysticks attached. If you have a “BL”, “CL” etc, this seat will not work).

Replaces Doosan/Daewoo Part Numbers: 901-00029, 901-00045

Doosan/Daewoo Machines: DX140, DX160, DX170, DX180, DX190, DX210, DX220, DX225, DX230, DX255, DX300, DX340, DX350, DX420, DX480, DX520, DX700, Solar 140V, Solar 180V, Solar 210V, Solar 220V, Solar, 225V, Solar 255V, Solar 280V, Solar 290V, Solar 300V, Solar 340V, Solar 500V

Hyundai Machines: R130-3, R140-7, R160-7, R180-3, R180-7, R210-3, R210-7, R250-7, R290-3, R290-7, R300-7, R320-7, R360-3, R360-7, R450-3, R450-7

Replaces Kobelco Part Numbers: YN25MU0002F1, YN25M00008F2, YN25M00059F1

Kobelco Machines: ED150, ED150-2, ED160, SK70SR, SK80, SK75SR, SK100 IV, SK120 IV, SK120 V, SK135SR, SK135SR-2, SK140SR, 140SR-3, SK140SR-5, SK160 IV, SK160 Dynamic Acera, SK170-8, SK170-9, SK200 IV, SK200 Dynamic Acera, SK210-6, SK210-8, SK210-9, SK215SR, SK220 IV, SK230SR-3, SK235, SK235SR-2, SK250-6, SK250 Dynamic Acera, SK260, SK260-9, SK270 IV, SK270 V, SK290LC, SK290 Dynamic Acera, SK295-9 SK330, SK330 Dynamic Acera, SK350LC, SK350LC-8, SK350-9, SK400 IV, SK480, SK480 Dynamic Acera, SK485, SK500-9, SK850

Replaces Komatsu Part Numbers: 20Y-57-31100, 20y-57-31400, 22B-57-11400, 23B-57-31201, 23B-57-31301, 208-57-71100, 208-57-71101, 208-57-71102

Komatsu Machines: PC120-6, PC120-6, PC130-7, PC138US-2, PC160-6, PC160-7, PC200-6, PC200-7, PC210-6, PC210-7, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC228US-3, PC240-6, PC240-7, PC270-7, PC300-6, PC300-7, PC308US-3, PC350-7, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC450-7, PC600-6, PC600-7, PC130-8, PC138US-8, PC160-8, PC200-8, PC220-8, PC228US-8, PC270-8, PC300-8, PC350-8, PC600-8, PC650-8, PC700-8, PC800-8, PC850-8

Linkbelt Machines: 75 Spin Ace , 80 Spin Ace, 135 Spin Ace, 160LX, 210LX, 225 Spin Ace, 240LX, 290LX, 330LX, 460LX, 700LX, 800LX, 130 X3, 145 X3 Spin Ace, 160 X2, 160 X3, 210 X2, 210 X3, 235 X3 Spin Ace, 240 X2, 250 X3, 290 X2, 300 X3, 350 X2, 350 X3, 470 X3, 800 X2

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