KAB 514

KAB 514

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KAB 514:  Mechanical suspension. Used extensively on excavators and wheel loaders.  Versions of this seat are OEM on numerous construction equipment from John Deere, Hitachi, & Komatsu to a few others.


  • 2" Retractable Seatbelt - TN Heavy Equipment Parts
  • KAB Comfort Armrests - TN Heavy Equipment Parts
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KAB 514:  Commonly used mechanical seat, OEM on numerous excavators, loaders, and dozers

  • Mechanical suspension
  • 3″ height adjustment
  • Front control recline
  • Front Control tilt (multi function bottom cushion adjustment)
  • High back
  • Cordura Cloth
  • Double locking slides below suspension
  • Supports Operators up to 270lbs
Weight 90 lbs

Technical Drawing

KAB 524 deluxe dims


Replaces Case Part Numbers: 300642A1

Case Machines: 9007B, 9050B, 9060B, CX240LR, CX290, CX330,CX350, CX460, CX800, CX130B, CX130C, CX145C, CX160C, CX210B, CX210C, CX235C, CX240B, CX250C, CX290B, CX300C, CX350B, CX350C, CX470B, CX470C, CX700B, CX800B

Replaces Hiatchi Part Numbers: 4486064, 4643683

Hitachi Machines: ZX130, ZX135, ZX160, ZX180, ZX200, ZX210, ZX225, ZX240, ZX280, ZX350, ZX380, ZX450, ZX460, ZX480, ZX500, ZX600, ZX650, ZX800, ZX135-3, ZX160-3, ZX180-3, ZX190W-3, ZX200-3, ZX210-3, ZX225-3, ZX240-3, ZX250-3, ZX270-3, ZX280-3, ZX330-3, ZX350-3, ZX450-3, ZX650-3, ZX850-3

Replaces John Deere Part Numbers: 4458290R, 4646401R

John Deere Machines: Crawler Loaders; 605C, 655C, 755C. Excavators; 80C, 120LC, 120C, 135C, 160LC, 160C, 180C, 200LC, 200C, 210C, 225C, 230LC, 230CLC, 270LC, 270CLC, 330LC, 330CLC, 370C, 450LC, 450CLC, 600CLC, 800C, 75D, 120D, 135D, 160D, 190D, 200D, 225D, 240DLC, 270D, 350D, 75G, 85G, 130G, 135G, 160G, 180G, 210G, 245G, 250G, 290G, 300G, 345G, 350G, 380G, 470G, 670G.

Komatsu Machines: Excavators; PC130-8, PC138US-8, PC160-8, PC200-8, PC220-8, PC228US-8, PC270-8, PC300-8, PC350-8, PC600-8, PC650-8, PC700-8, PC800-8, PC800-8, PC850-8.

Link-belt Machines: 75 Spin Ace , 80 Spin Ace, 135 Spin Ace, 160LX, 210LX, 225 Spin Ace, 240LX, 290LX, 330LX, 460LX, 700LX, 800LX

Volvo Machines: Loaders; L70C, L90B, L90C, L120B, L120C, L150B, L150C, L60E, L60G, L70D, L70E, L70F, L70G, L90D, L90E, L90F, L90G, L110E, L110F, L110G, L150D, L150E, L150F, L150G, L180D, L180E, L180F, L180G, L220D, L220E, L220F, L220G, L250G, L330C, L330D, L330E, L350F

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