KAB 414FC w/Arms

KAB 414FC w/Arms

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KAB 414:  Mechanical suspension, highback, all front controls, used extensively on numerous excavators, cranes and loaders.

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KAB 414:  Popular seat, fits many excavators and some loaders.

  • Mechanical suspension
  • 3″ height adjustment
  • Front control recline
  • Front control tilt (multi function bottom cushion adjustment)
  • High back
  • Dual comfort armrests
  • Suspension cover
  • Double locking slides below suspension
  • Adjustable lumbar
  • Nimbus cloth
  • Supports Operators up to 270lbs
Weight 90 lbs

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Technical Drawing

KAB 414 w arms dims


Replaces Cat Part Numbers: 100-7677, 4I-7052, 6I-5381, 9U4365

Cat Machines: 215D, 225D, 235D, 245B, 245D, 311L, 312L, 315L, 320L, 322L, 330L, 350L, 375L (These are for “L” models only no joysticks attached. If you have a “BL”, “CL” etc, this seat will not work.)

Doosan/Daewoo Machines: DX140, DX160, DX170, DX180, DX190, DX210, DX220, DX225, DX230, DX255, DX300, DX340, DX350, DX420, DX480, DX520, DX700, Solar 140V, Solar 180V, Solar 210V, Solar 220V, Solar, 225V, Solar 255V, Solar 280V, Solar 290V, Solar 300V, Solar 340V, Solar 500V

Replaces Hiatchi Part Numbers: 4342226

Hitachi Machines: EX120-5, EX160-5, EX200-5, EX230-5, EX270-5, EX300-5, EX330-5, EX450-5, EX550-5, EX750-5 (verify no controls attaching to seat/suspension)

Replaces Kobelco Part Numbers: YN25MU0002F1, YN25M00008F2, YN25M00059F1

Kobelco Machines: ED150, ED150-2, ED160, SK70SR, SK80, SK75SR, SK100 IV, SK120 IV, SK120 V, SK135SR, SK135SR-2, SK140SR, 140SR-3, SK140SR-5, SK160 IV, SK160 Dynamic Acera, SK170-8, SK170-9, SK200 IV, SK200 Dynamic Acera, SK210-6, SK210-8, SK210-9, SK215SR, SK220 IV, SK230SR-3, SK235, SK235SR-2, SK250-6, SK250 Dynamic Acera, SK260, SK260-9, SK270 IV, SK270 V, SK290LC, SK290 Dynamic Acera, SK295-9 SK330, SK330 Dynamic Acera, SK350LC, SK350LC-8, SK350-9, SK400 IV, SK480, SK480 Dynamic Acera, SK485, SK500-9, SK850

Replaces Komatsu Part Numbers: 20Y-57-31100, 20y-57-31400, 22B-57-11400, 23B-57-31201, 23B-57-31301, 124-57-51100, 134-57-61200, 134-57-61300, 208-57-71100, 208-57-71101, 208-57-71102

Komatsu Machines: Excavators; PC120-6, PC120-6, PC130-7, PC138US-2, PC160-6, PC160-7, PC200-6, PC200-7, PC210-6, PC210-7, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC228US-3, PC240-6, PC240-7, PC270-7, PC300-6, PC300-7, PC308US-3, PC350-7, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC450-7, PC600-6, PC600-7. Dozers; D31EX-20, D31PX-20, D31EX-21, D31PX-21, D31EX-22, D31PX-22, D37EX-21, D37PX-21, D39EX-21, D39PX-21, D41E-6, D41P-6, D61EX-15, D61PX-15, D65EX-15, D65PX-15, D85EX-15, D85PX-15. Graders; GD555-3, GD655-3, GD655-5, GD675-3, GD675-5. Loaders; WA100-3, WA120-3, WA180-3, WA250-3, WA320-3, WA380-3, WA450-3, WA500-3, WA600-3

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