Deluxe compact suspension seat
trimmed in vinyl.  Comes with kill
Deluxe solid steel pan seat, with
Tough Seats offers premium forklift seats, skidsteer seat.  These seats are intended to lesson the amount of
vibration that is transferred to the operator.  Many of the skidsteers seats we carry are the exact same ones that
larger companies like
Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, and Takeuchi use as the OEM seat.  
Low profile mechanical suspension trimmed
in cloth or vinyl.  Best mechanical, low
profile on the market.  
Low profile 12V air suspension trimmed,
best vibration reduction in the turf
market.  Comes in cloth or vinyl
Waterproof semi-suspension seat.  Great
multi-purpose seat.  
Waterproof semi-suspension seat.  
Great multi-purpose seat.  
Mechanical suspension, low profile.  Used
commonly throughout the industry.   
Mechanical suspension, highback.  Full-size
suspension seat.  OEM seat on some newer
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