Tough Seats offer both economical and premium excavator seats.  We offer direct bolt-in replacement seats
for almost all equipment from mini's to shovel's.  Aftermarket
excavator seat offerings are available for most
major brands including
Case.  In many cases our seats will be the same brand, model, and type as the original
OEM seat.  Our
excavators seats require no fabrication unless otherwise by our seating experts before
24V air suspension seat trimmed in cloth or
vinyl.  Includes , use on CX130B-CX470B.
Seat-top designed to be installed on
KAB series seats for CX series Case
Mechanical suspension, midback, ideal for
Mechanical suspension, midback with arms,
headrest, front control tilt and recline.  
Direct replacement for CX80-CX-CX460.  
Mechanical suspension, heavy duty rated at
330lbs,  Comes with arms, front controls,
headrest  Direct replacement for
24V Air suspension, rated at 350lbs.  Comes in cloth
or vinyl, with headrest, arms, all front controls.  Ideal
upgrade on CX130-CX460.  
1.  Case uses KAB brand seats almost exclusively on most CX series excavators.
2.  Tough Seats carries many of the exact same seats.  The version KAB seats we sell for excavators will be all front including
both the recline mechanism and height riser or bolt cushion tilt.  
3.  Any mounting plates needed will come with all Grade 8 hardware in flat black
Mechanical suspension, midback with arms,
headrest.  Ideal of those on a budget.  Fits
most CX80-CX-CX460.  
CALL US because fitment and machine downtime deserve accuracy.  
Knowledgeable parts people direct, no recordings.