Tough Seats offer both economical and premium Motor Grader Seats for most make/model Case equipment  
We offer direct bolt-in replacement seats by
KAB Seating and Grammer Seating.  
Mechanical suspension, midback with arms, direct
replacement using original brand and model for most
Case graders
Generic seat-top, comes with adjustable
slides to mount between 5-13" wide.  
24V Air suspension, midback trimmed cloth or
vinyl.  Options upgrade for machines with
Grammer mechanical.  
Seat-top, can be purchased with arms, slides,
cushions, direct fit for most 845B, 865B, 885B
1.  Case uses Grammer brand seats almost exclusively on motor grader seats
2.  Tough Seats carries many of the exact same seats.  The version Grammer seats we sell for Case graders can come with suspension, without, configured in a
midback, highback, and with or without arms.  
3.  Generic versions are available in these seats for those on a budget.  
CALL US because fitment and machine downtime deserve accuracy.  
Knowledgeable parts people direct, no recordings.