Tough Seats provides premium and economical backhoe seats for almost all Case Backhoes.  Ergonomically
contoured cushions and capacity up to 300lbs for operators.  We will have economical full-size replacements
through heavy duty 12V air versions made by
Grammer Seating.  
Mechanical Suspension seat with heavy
duty swivel, similar to option upgrade on
580M, 580N, 580SM, 580SN.  
12V Air suspension seat with heavy duty
swivel, trimmed in cloth or vinyl.  Similar
to option upgrade on 580M, 580SM,
580N, 580SN
Basic mechanical suspension seat for those on a
budget.  Available in cloth or vinyl.  Suggested
machines, 580K, 580L, 580M
Mechanical suspension, direct bolt-in
replacement for 580L, 580SL.  
Midback seat-top, with arms.  Trimmed in
cloth or vinyl.  
CALL US because fitment and machine downtime deserve accuracy.  
Knowledgeable parts people direct, no recordings.